Hello, my name is Milena

I would like to accompany you with yoga , meditation and rituals to reconnect with the wisdom of your own heart.


Everything is already in you.


I believe that NOW is really about pooling all of our strengths to create a field of trust and mutual trust  support  to build for the future.




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How can I accompany you


As a highly sensitive person, I know how difficult it is  is the challenges of daily life, especially in a big city,  to have grown.

It happens so quickly that we can no longer find access to the wisdom of our own heart and only orient ourselves to the outside and compare with others.

Your sensitivity is your greatest strength !  

I want to accompany you  to trust your intuitive magic again.   

I really believe that we can only master the challenges of the current time together - if we all stick together!  

The world needs  the gifts of the sensitive now more than ever.


That is why it is so important that you trust yourself and learn how you do the three components

Middle & width &  heart

activate to find your way back to yourself again and again.

I want to show you how  you

Yoga & Meditation & Rituals

can use to develop your full potential for yourself and the world.  

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Everything in the universe is connected to one another by an invisible magic.

To recognize this connection to nature and to your entire environment and to live it in an appropriate way in your everyday life is healing on a very deep level. 

About my work


I am a state-certified occupational therapist specializing in the psychological-functional area, with more than 10 years of professional experience, I have been able to accompany many people on the way to the wisdom of their own heart. 

Various training courses in NLP, systemic short-term therapy and self-management, as well as behavior therapist enable me to respond holistically and competently to the needs of my clients.  

I have been working as a freelance yoga teacher and spiritual coach since 2011.  


I started women's groups and girls 'empowerment projects (the moon dancers project) and led advanced training for women who want to shape women's and girls' groups themselves.  

I am a member of the professional association of yoga teachers

in Germany eV as well as in the European Yoga Union

My yoga classes are certified by the Central Prevention Testing Center and are therefore aimed at everyone who wants to contribute preventively to maintain their health.

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 What moves and touches me  


Subtleties & depth 

anatomical, emotional &  spiritual exploration 

Sound & resonance

Spirals & snakes

primary breathing & liquid intelligence

Entheogens & Magic

Dream & symbols of the subconscious

Abundance & emptiness

Animals & Plants

Simplicity & Silence 

Embodiment & sensualization 

Power of nature & transformation 

Inuition & Yin power

Connectedness & commitment & yang power

Visible & invisible 

consciousness  &  presence  & creative expression