The moon dancers project is a girls group and an initiation ritual,

the girl during the transformation into young women, offers a gentle framework to exchange ideas with each other and to get to know your own feminine magic. 

Together we explore what it means to listen to your inner voice and to be connected to the moon. We practice yoga together, get to know the moon animals, dance, dream and sing.  

For girls aged 8 to 16

The moon dancers project should open a space for the mindful exploration of one's own burgeoning femininity and for being connected with oneself, one's own inner voice and the other girls in the circle.


The girls can communicate in a trusting atmosphere, with all their complex questions, fears and worries.

Growing up, with all the new opportunities that arise, is often accompanied by a lack of orientation. For this reason, I think it is extremely important to teach the girls good contact with their intuition.  


In my many years of work as an occupational therapist, I have been able to accompany many disoriented young people and therefore recognized the need for a preventive offer. So to speak, before the problem comes to a head and, for example, an eating disorder is diagnosed.


In this regard, the moon dancers project sees itself as an authority that accompanies young women on their way with a lot of sensitivity, wisdom from the most diverse healing approaches and a touch of magic in order to ensure a smooth transition.  

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I also offer 1: 1 sessions for the girls. These can take place either as a private service or as part of an occupational therapy treatment.

Further information on request.