1. Scope

The general terms and conditions apply to all services and  online products from Milena Klingel, Lychener Str. 63 10437 Berlin. By purchasing a product, the customer accepts the following terms and conditions.  


2. Right of Use  


  • With the purchase of a valid product, the customer is entitled to use the online member area in full. This includes a total of 5 Live Zoom Sessions and their recording as well as published articles and exercises in the online member area.


3. Types of contract and conditions


1. Psychological-functional occupational therapy: A single session lasting 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Cancellations can only be considered up to 24 hours before the agreed appointment (for private payers), otherwise the customer is obliged to pay the full amount .  


2. Online membership with 5 live sessions via zoom, their recording and access to the online community.

Failure to use the product for reasons that do not justify extraordinary termination does not entitle the customer to reduce or repay his payment. The bookings of the entire Milena Klingel offer are personal and therefore cannot be transferred to third parties.  


Pricing and Payment: Payment is made online using the Wix website's payment system.


The live offers of the online membership can be temporarily paused after prior notice, without the customer being entitled to a price reduction or cancellation. The recordings and access to the online community can still be used without restriction.


5. Milena Klingel's liability


  • Use of Milena Klingel's services is at your own risk. Milena Klingel is not liable for accidents caused by her own fault or resulting physical damage to customers. Milena Klingel is also not liable for the consequences of improperly performing exercises.  


6. Health status of customers for participation in online membership.


  • With the purchase of a product, every customer declares that he / she is physically healthy and mentally stable and able to cope with the relevant physical and mental demands and that he / she will only participate in the program in such a condition.

  • The services offered as part of online membership are not intended as a therapy or healing program. They are in no way a substitute for medical care or prescription of medication.

  • With his / her participation, the customer affirms that he / she does not suffer from any contagious disease and that the yoga exercises to be performed are not opposed to any medical reasons. If in doubt, consult a doctor.

  • It is generally asked to inform the yoga teacher about physical or psychological limitations.

7. Therapy Agreement  


  1. A valid prescription must be available for each treatment, it must not be older than 14 days. Treatment without a valid prescription will be billed privately to the patient. The client must ensure that this prescription is free of errors and in accordance with the template given to him. In addition, he is obliged to take care of a follow-up ordinance in good time. Otherwise the therapy place cannot be kept and will be given to patients on the waiting list. It is legally stipulated that you have to make an additional payment of 10% of the invoice amount for therapeutic products, as well as a prescription fee of 10 euros (per prescription). This amount does not remain with us, but is paid to the health insurance company! The following groups of people are generally not affected by the co-payment regulation:
    Children and adolescents up to 18 years of age (even if they have an income), private patients, insured persons of the free medical care, accident injured persons (BG, community accident insurance), Postbeamtenkasse A, insured persons of the independent doctor and medical fund (Hessen) or patients with an exemption certificate from the health insurance company.

  2. All agreed dates are absolutely binding. An exception is an illness (a sick note must be submitted). The Center for Prevention and Occupational Therapy reserves the right to bill the patient directly for any failures. Breaks longer than 2 weeks require a written declaration.

  3. The treatment includes 15 minutes of documentation time per unit.  

  4. If the unit takes place outside of the practice rooms on medical indication / own request, or during a home visit, this is done at your own risk

  5. Release from the duty of confidentiality: I hereby release the treating occupational therapist from their duty of confidentiality towards other therapists, doctors and responsible institutions.  

8. Severability clause and subsidiary agreements

Should one of the contractual provisions be invalid, the other conditions will continue to apply.