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An online community for dreamers, artists, lovers, visionaries, plant lovers and of course for all my occupational therapy patients who, additionally or after their therapy, want a safe place to deepen their new knowledge and implement new healthy habits in everyday life.  

Ancient wisdom for modern people, a transforming spiritual practice that gives confidence and confidence in challenging times.


A laboratory of individual and collective healing.

We explore consciousness, nature and the cosmos,

to dream and shape a future together that is based on collaboration and mutual respect.


It is so urgent that we remember.

The ancient wisdom about the connection to nature teaches us a respectful treatment of all living things.



Here you will receive regular inspiration and powerful tools that will help you to recognize your sensitivity as strength, to bring your dreams into the world and to create a life full of self-love and magic.  

My vision is to open up a virtual space of connection for you with online membership. Here you can connect with the wisdom of your own heart, as well as with other like-minded people.


Do you want ...

  • Use a healing virtual room for yourself during or after your occupational therapy treatment?

  • after the end of therapy, do you continue to have support and support with the regular implementation of the newly learned, healthy routines?

  • reconnect with the wisdom of your own heart?

  • Exchange and connection with like-minded people?

  • now finally use your sensitivity as your greatest strength?

  • learn a yoga and meditation practice that is tailored to your individual needs?

  • Integrate powerful rituals into your everyday life that reconnect you with the cycles of nature and your own magic?

Live sessions & recordings

The focus is on the live sessions because I like the connection between us  important  is. In addition, there is an ever-growing library of records that you can access at any time. All of this conveniently and safely from your home.

My courses are certified by the Central Testing Center for Prevention.


What's waiting for you ...

  • 4 live yoga sessions per month

  • 1 powerful live ceremony per month for more balance in your life  

  • Exchange and connect with a wonderful community of like-minded people

  • A constantly growing library with records on the topics: yoga, meditation, healthy live style, guided imagery, etc.

The advantages at a glance


  • You can access the offers from anywhere in the world, safely and conveniently from home. 

  • so you can fill the "gap" after the occupational therapy treatment and continue healthy routines in your everyday life  integrate.

  • You can adapt your participation exactly to your needs, as the live sessions are also available as recordings

  • You can connect with other patients and inspiring people in the members area, because you are not alone!

  • By connecting to your intuition you will feel so much more confident and stronger and you will bring your magic into the world. 

This is what online membership participants say

I started this Sunday with a yoga replay and I am incredibly grateful for this great space that Milena has created for us.

The replays are so powerful.

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€ 34.90 per month 

Start your healthy life!

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